GrandZoneGaming is a Polish organization that has been creating tournaments for the Polish Clash Royale scene for over 2 years. Our biggest achievement is the organization of charity tournaments at Clash Royale, Clash of Clans and Brawls Stars, in which we collected over 8,000€ in December 2019. This amount was donated to one of the largest foundations in Poland looking after terminally ill children. In December, the next edition of this event!
GZG is recognized throughout the Polish Clash Royale community, and 90% of our organization is created and sponsored by the players of this game. After successes on the local CR scene, we want to broaden our horizons and organize a tournament for foreign teams. We want to invite 30 foreign teams and 2 teams from Poland (who will be able to win the May qualifications) to the tournament.
The tournament is scheduled for the second half of June, the exact schedule will be available from May 15. The group stage of the tournament will be played for 24 days in a row, 1 queue per day (two groups will be played alternately every other day, so playing them will take 6 days). The group game system was created in such a way that the game was fast and pleasant. In the next phase there will be a cup system, in which 16 teams will play and the fight for the prize pool worth 1000€ for the three best teams will start.
Read the tournament rules by clicking this link!