The invitation will be given for countries whose community will join to charity event organised by Grand Zone Gaming and promote it until 15th of January on national team's official Twitter account.

40 tickets will be given until 8th of January for those teams which will be most involved into promoting our charity event #gramypomagamy! Promoting this event by national teams and their community on every social media is welcome.

Game system
Group Stage
- 8 groups with 5 teams

Group Stage and Playoffs format:
- 2v2 BO3 with bans
- 3v3 KOTH BO3 no bans
- 1v1 BO3 with bans

Direct promotion to the final bracket will be given to countries which got 1st and 2nd places from each group.

Discord: detailed league rules soon

Remember about sharing posts which promote our action so we will observe your involvement and have easy choice what country has to be rewarded by the ticket for its community involvment!

Charity donations are welcome, but they are not an obligatiory

Start of the tournament 18th of January 2021, after finishing the action #gramypomagamy (#playhelp)

We ask interested countries to fill the application form: