1. Elimination tournament:
    1. As many as 16 teams will take part in the elimination tournament. First of all, we choose teams whose community often showed that they really want to see their teams in GZG InternationalCup, as well as those who wrote to us in private messages too late, but their level is as high as the level of invited teams. Think carefully before applying for the elimination, because it will certainly not be an easy task, because these 16 teams will fight for the last free seat in the tournament!
  2. The system of games in the qualifying rounds:
    1. 1/8 qualifying matches will be played in a 1 vs 1 BO5 cup system. Each team will spend one player deciding whether his team will advance to the next round of the qualifying tournament. Each winning team from 1/8 enters the next round and here they can replace the player or leave him in the game. In the 1/4 final the same rule applies - 1vs1 BO5. The winners will advance to the 1/2 final, which will be played in pairs. Each team will place two players who play 2vs2 BO5 and the winning teams will fight in the qualifying tournament finals to take part in the GZG International Cup. The tournament final will be played by the Koth 4vs4 BO3 system. At each stage, there will be two-sided bans - one card per team (while in the final there will be individual two-sided bans for each round).
  3. Are you sure your team has a chance to win these eliminations? If so, submit your team's application by clicking here .