International league for invited teams!
  1. In June, the league for the best teams from the world!
  2. Prize pool 1000€!!!
  3. Qualification of teams from Poland in May.
  4. League for 32 teams of 10 players.
  5. Elimination schedule.
  6. Tournament schedule.
  7. Gameplay system:
    1. Phase 1 - group stage:
      • 8 groups of 4 teams.
      • Group matches take place over 24 days - each group will be played over 3 days:
        • 3 queues, each team 1 duel per day.
        • One queue from a given group every two days
        • The queues of the second group will be played between the queues of one group - which gives 2 groups played in 6 days
      • 3 sets:
        1. set:
          • 4vs4 BO1
          • At the beginning of the set, the teams give the order in which they will play.
          • One double-sided ban per team, which applies throughout the set.
          • In the event of a tie (2:2) in the first set, the teams enliven one player and play for the decisive point using BO5 1vs1. There is one double-sided ban per team in extra time.
        2. set
          • 3vs3 Koth BO1 with double-sided bans for 1 card. These bans apply to all matches from this set.
        3. set (in the event of a tie from previous sets)
          • 1vs1 BO5 after 1 double-sided ban.
      • After each set, there will be a 3-minute break to specify the order of players in the next set.
      • Win is 1 point and lose is 0 points.
      • The order of the places in the table with the same number of points will be determined on the basis of the difference between wins and losses. If this does not specify the places in the group, the decision to enter will be made by a direct meeting in group that took place between the teams.
    2. After the group stage, it is possible to replace 3 players from the roster 10 players who will play until the end of the league.
    3. The first 2 teams from each group get to the 2nd knockout phase!
      • Knockout phase for 16 teams.
      • One duel per day (15 days + 16th day - fight for third place)
      • Cup matches will be played in 3 sets:
        1. set
          • Teams release two players who work best together before starting the set.
          • 2vs2 BO3 with 1 double-sided bans per team.
        2. set
          • Koth 3vs3 BO3.
          • A double-sided ban for each team.
        3. set in case of a tie
          • 3vs3 BO3 double-sided bans of 1 card
      • After each set, there will be a 3-minute break to specify the order of players in the next set.